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Situated in the center of the city known as the Gibraltar of the North, Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Luxembourg is right next to the Parc du Luxembourg, the financial district, European institutions and elegant shopping. The property is walking distance from the Notre-Dame Cathedral with its Gothic architecture, the Villa Vauban (Luxembourg City Art Museum), and the Grand Ducal Palace which is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

Also noteworthy is the National Museum of Art and History, located curiously in the fish market within the historical centre of the city. Set in an impressive Gothic and Renaissance mansion, this museum is home to wonderful collections including Gallo-Roman art, armor, medieval sculpture, coins and more recent artwork.
Not far away is the Casemates du Bock, an excellent example of old military architecture and fortifications complete with underground caverns and catacombs, designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site.
Luxembourg is also a relatively short hop away by train or car from European cities such as Brussels, Frankfurt and Paris, representing an ideal location to combine business and leisure right in the very heart of Europe.

The Secrets of Luxembourg

It's fascinating to discover a small, walkable city that has so much to offer. Luxembourg is one of those Le Royal Hotels & Resorts that is the ultimate place to stay right in the heart of the city.

Did you know Luxembourg is one of the founding countries of the European Economic Community – the predecessor of the European Union? This is where you can come across many European institutions and the EU's birthplace in the green heart of Europe. That said, the city hides much older secrets. The reason it lies on a big hill is because it was the perfect place for defending the population in historical times. Discover also the underground of Luxembourg by visiting what we called 'the casemates', representing 23 kilometers of underground tunnel network carved from the city’s rocks. The main road going through the city is boulevard Royal, but is also called mini Wall Street because of the huge amount of banks. You must visit the Bank Museum once in Luxembourg. The city has grown very fast in the last 25-30 years and you would be amazed by how contemporary some parts of it are. Visit Kirchberg, the banking and European part of the city, which is almost an open air museum. The area is home to the MUDAM, Modern Art Museum and the Musée Grand Duc Jean, also called the Pei Museum, named after I. M. Pei, the world-renown architect who designed it.

Although Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Luxembourg has its own pool and spa, you might like to know that there is a huge swimming pool in Luxembourg. It is only one centimeter away from being an Olympic size pool! Nightlife can be very attractive. Many free open air concerts, great theatres including the National Theatre, a Philharmonic orchestra, lovely cafés and gourmet restaurants. If in the Grund quarter of the city, do not miss to have a drink at one of the oldest cafés, known as 'Café des artistes'. You’ll be amazed at the joie de vivre that comes out of that place.

Grund is the oldest part of the city with small typical houses, amazing views of the Vauban Fortress, and home to the Abbey of Neumunster. The name 'abbey' has remained even if the place was mostly used as a prison! Today, however, it is a meeting centre, art gallery and restaurant. When exiting at the back of the inner yard, turn left and walk between St John’s church and the river. You can take in the most romantic and typical view of the city – a well-kept secret from Simon Delcomminette, Head Concierge at Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Luxembourg. From the Grund take a lift that will go back up to the main part of the city or walk through the nice Valley of the only small river of the city (the Petrusse). This is where you will discover other treasures of the city such a troglodyte chapel, the Vauban Fortress, the Adolph Bridge and the main building of the Saving Bank of Luxembourg (rumor says the safe is buried in the valley).
Overall, everything done in Luxembourg makes the visitor feel safe and comfortable at all times of the year. Should you wish to learn more 'secrets' about Luxembourg, get in touch with the Golden Key Concierge at Le Royal Hotels & Resorts - Luxembourg.

Chef concierge,
Simon Delcomminette
President of the Golden Keys Luxembourg

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